We are a ragtag bunch of digital craftspersons whose caffeine intake is alarming

Offshoot Design is a talented team of technology-loving designers each of whom brings a unique background to Offshoot. Among our ranks you'll find a geophysicist, yachtsman, piano tuner and blimp aviator. For many years, we've been our own best source of hair cutting and styling.

For disbelievers of this wholly unproven information, we offer the following:

Adrian Gershom


At A Glance: A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. Sigh....

Adrian has degrees in both City Planning and Graphic Design and worked for several years with the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin as a Tribal Planner. After deciding to focus on his design talents he moved to Chicago and became Art Director of an Internet start-up in 2000. Recognizing the opportunity of a lifetime, he founded Offshoot Design in 2005.

Together with Chicago's finest team of designers and communication specialists, he views a project from a broad and holistic perspective, looking at all sides of a problem and developing singular solutions that work from any angle and for any purpose.

Rosanna Peterson

If Jack-Of-All-Trades truly failed to master anything due to lack of focus, he could have used Rosannaʼs help. Everything that she does is of an exceptionally high level of competence and with a razor-sharp attention to detail.

Besides correcting all of our grammar and spelling, Rosanna skillfully balances managing Offshoot projects with the demands of raising her two lovely children.

Kirk Voltz

Kirk hails from Virginia but once lived in London where he unabashedly banged out design and code that could even make the guards at Buckingham Palace smile. Where others try and fail to marry both technical prowess and design savvy, Kirk is equally at ease creating a sophisticated ecommerce site or designing a sleekly interactive iPad presentation. We love Kirk and so will you.

Olufemi Adeyanju

If you meet Olu, you'll be impressed by how laid back he is and he'll be impressed if you hear and repeat his name correctly. When Olu is not traversing the country in his classic roadster or spinning sonic magic, he's the brainiac behind much of Offshoot's most elegant and delicious coding goodness. Oh, he's also an architect. And a reluctant karaoke master. With a cat.

We work harder than robots and are easier to talk to


For us, branding is most strongly communicated through your logo. When itʼs done right, a logo captures your strengths, your personality, and your philosophy. It has an immediate, positive impact. It gives you a singular visual identity and unifies your communication platform. In order to do that it needs to be adaptable for all uses. Does it display well large and small, in color or black and white, on-screen and off? Does it have a flawless, professional feel? Does it make inexpensive pieces look polished?

Ours do. See what we mean or contact us to get started.


Engaging, results-driven and unique. No templates, no one-size-fits-all. Whether itʼs designing a singular new site or refreshing a dated one, weʼll craft power-packed pages that reflect your professional way of doing business. We design information architecture that makes navigation smooth and logical. We use the latest, standards-based coding to ensure that your site functions as well as it looks. Search engines love our sites. You will too, whether you're quickly updating your website's content, easily adding new products to your online store or adding the latest post to your new blog.

See some examples or contact us to get started.


Still renderings, animations, 3D productions files, we've done it all. Using the latest in 3D imaging tools, we can do what many other design firms can't—produce photorealistic representation of the most complex ideas. Our experience is nearly 10 years strong and we've worked with major universities, global architecture firms, furniture designers.

View our work or contact us to get started.

Digital Publishing

Printed magazines and sales collateral make a great deal of sense if you believe it's a good idea to turn trees into paper, ship them to a printer who prints your materials and then loads them on to a truck to be delivered to people who may or may not read them. If this sounds like it's old-fashioned, needlessly expensive, hard on our planet and difficult to gauge the effectiveness of, we'd like to buy you a beer. And then sit down to talk. We'd tell you that the digital magazines and sales collateral that we build for our clients can cost up to 60% less than printed versions and won't put needless wear and tear on our oxygen-producing tree friends.

See some examples or contact us to get started.

A fortune teller once told us that an unexpected call would bring good luck. We are standing by.

Pick up the phone and call us at 773.782.6807 or use our nifty web form. We guarantee that both are painless and we canʼt help you if we donʼt hear from you. Even if weʼre not a fit for your project, weʼre happy to recommend others that might be.

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